Placement Profile of the Pass - Outs of the Institution

Students who pass out from this institution obtain job placements in Hospitals, Rehabilitation clinics, Physical Fitness centres, Geriatric care centres and Physiotherapy colleges. They can work as physical therapy consultants and trainers for sports teams. They can get the above mentioned placements even in Unites States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Gulf/Middle east countries.

Students who procured Job Placements

Yashoda Hospitals

1st Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Santosh
  • Dr. Pruthvi
  • Dr. Mallikarjun

KIMS Hospitals

1st Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. T. Padma Priya
  • Dr. Shruthi Shah
  • Dr. Anil
  • Dr. Nagender
2nd Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Sri Lakshmi
  • Dr.Jayashree

Tulasi Hospitals

1st Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Kavya
Leelavathi Hospital, Mumbai
  • Dr. Sruthi

Sweekar Upkar Rehabilitation Centre

3rd Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Jafar

Consultant Physiotherapists

1st Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. T. Divya
  • Dr. Divya Bharathi
  • Dr. Taqir Ali
  • Dr. Goutham (Clinic in Gurgaon)
2nd Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Shilpa
  • Dr. Azeem
3rd Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Sowmya

Students who proceeded to higher studies

1st Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Sravanthi, N.I.M.S, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. Meghana, U.S.A
  • Dr. Bhavana, U.S.A
  • Dr. Shekar, U.S.A
2nd Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Lajwanthi, N.I.M.S, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. Preethi, APOLLO, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. Sai Uday, Australia
  • Dr. Nethri, Australia
3rd Batch B.P.T
  • Dr. Navya, Durgabai Deshmukh College, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. Sruthi, Apollo College, Hyderabad.